Back is the saddle

Godzilla barking directions at me on the way to work

After all the crazy stuff we’ve been doing – buying the house, renovating the house, working like dogs, playing with dogs, and planning a wedding – it’s been hard to get on the bikes and keep some sort of program going.

Now it’s basically Cyclocross season. I’m struggling to get to “race shape” but honestly, I’m not that worried. Excited about the GPMC – stoked to be riding my RockLobster again – and happy that the summer may last until October!

Very creepily getting my intervals in.

Christina joined me for a Saltzman climb!

Been trying to get back into more cycling events as well as riding. I’ve kind of lost touch with those friends in some ways, but I’m really puching to make time and be a part of the community! Shot some cool photos at Giro with my olloclip, had a blast bullshitin’ with Jose and Britton.

Giro di Portland was pretty cool this last weekend!

24th Aug 2011
Bikes, Photography

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  1. Kelly (August 24, 2011, 8:13 pm). Reply

    Get’em maximo! :D

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