Do you think about bathrooms?

I do. At least when we’re 30 days from owning a new-to-us home.

Soo…. bathrooms are my priority as the new house has two, with one of those having ONLY a bathtub (yes, no shower). Said bathtub is also supposedly a clawfoot that was plastered into place at an unknown time. Being the “spreadsheeters” that Christina and I are, we have already assembled the document with tub replacement rather high on it. At first I was pushing for a large built-in jacuzzi tub, but after some research I’m starting to like the free-standing, modern clawfoot tubs.

Still, we would need to add a shower kit, complete with shower head and curtain rack. But it could look cool. It would also be a huge relief to not have to tile or do any sort of install on the tub plumbing that might be a total nightmare for us amateurs.

If cost weren’t a question, we’d obviously just have one of these new showers that’s also a time machine installed. I hear they make getting ready for work and/or correcting the wrongs of time past all the more easier.

But serious, anyone have bathroom experience? (har har, I mean renovating them)
Done a remodel? Love claw foots?

11th May 2011
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