This post is a long time coming. Can you believe that it took Max five months to share the pictures with me? Anyway, this is how it went down yo.

On May 17, I started a new job with Google, one that I had been promoted to. I really started the week before, but officially not until the 17th. I was basically thrown into the deep end of the pool, and told to try and swim. It was exciting, and a huge step in my career, but I was under a lot of stress. Even before getting the promotion to be a community manager, my transition from Cubanisimo to Google that took place in Feb/March was ridiculous. I was back & forth between Salem & PDX, and basically working 70-80 hours per week for a month. With Memorial Day Weekend around the corner, and then all the summer activities for work, Max insisted we take a holiday to Cannon Beech on Sunday night to go relax, and go into work late on Monday.  I obliged (reluctantly, I must admit!)

Not sure why, but I had a feeling he had something up his sleeve, so I dressed up a bit. I even put on heels.  Of course, by the time we were packed and arrived at the coast, I had to switch shoes because I’m a big wimp.  Before I go too far, I need to provide a little back story.  Cannon Beech is the first place that Max & I ever took a vacation together. We went there about 2 1/2 years earlier shortly after we started dating.  It’s where we first told each other we loved each other. Hence the suspicion.

So we arrived, I immediately switched shoes, and we started walking down the beach.  It was almost sunset.  We got to Haystack Rock, and decided to take pictures of each other. Max took my picture first, then handed me his cell phone to snap a shot of him.  By the time I was done fumbling with the phone and turned around, he was down on one knee with a little black box in his hand. I was in shock, so naturally I snapped a photo.

It’s the best photo I’ve ever taken.

I don’t remember the exact words Max said (remember, I was in shock). But it was along the lines of me making him a better person, and him wanting to spend the rest of our lives together.  I was obviously crying (tears of joy!), and totally in shock.  I think my exact answer was “Yes, I guess.” We even put the ring on the wrong finger at first.  Once we figured it out, we took some more photos.

Max had some more surprises up his sleeve.  We continued walking down the beach, and then Max brought me to the Sea Sprite at Cannon Beach. The same place we stayed 2 1/2 years earlier. When we got there, there was an engagement party waiting for us.

Best day ever.

We’ve set the date for July 21, 2012 in Portland, so stay tuned.

13th Oct 2011

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