Godzilla’s New Bike

My new hauler is kind of rad.

This time I went bigger…like big bigger. The Karate Monkey is sort of like the “1970s Ford Bronco” of Surly’s excellent all-steel lineup.
(the Pugsley being their “Big Foot” obviously)

As my main bike, and only official delivery bike, for Trees By Bike – I expect a LOT of heavily loaded miles will get stacked on this bad boy. Soon we will be picking up a Bill trailer, and then this bike will become the ultimate Christmas Tree hauler.

Until then, Godzilla will just be enjoying the view from my old Wald.

27th Jul 2011
Bikes, fashion

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  1. Ben G (July 27, 2011, 9:17 pm). Reply

    Love it dude.
    I actually have fairly similar plans for an around town bike. Fat tires, full fenders, front rack, 1×10 and townie bars. Super practical is the new fixed gear.

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