Lustlist pt.1

If I had a choice I’d start a blog for every single thought that enters my brain…and no one would read 99.9% of em. That said, I just wanted to post stuff that I’ve been lusting after and have every intention of purchasing once my budget stabilizes.

Until this next month passes, I can post some photos to stare at while between the 1,000,000 things I’m trying to do.

“NEW” Death from Above 1979 Tee
With their recent reunion they are reissuing some of original digs. I love DFA1979 and while I probably don’t need another black T-shirt, I can’t help but want it.


Teamwork Long Haul Duffler
While their messenger bags aren’t quite my thing, the “Long Haul Duffler” from this prospective luggage collection is like ripened avocado to my baggage appetite.  Manly in all the right places, and slick in all the others.

link (it’s currently a Kickstarter project)

Seriously, seriously. I feel like I would be ravaged by late-20s rocka-betties if I wore these for more that 45 minutes at a time. Super class wrapped in a retro package.


MOSCOT Lemtosh
I love my Wayfarers (knock-offs since I lose a pair every two weeks) but I would bend the rules for a nice round set of these.


Merde St. Johns (painting by Brin Levinson)
Lastly is actually a lust I fulfilled this afternoon. I look forward to cruising with GZ and making store runs on this rolling rendition of my favorite PDX bridge.


16th Jun 2011

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