The house is still a mess

But we’re working on it. Christina and I both have been hard at work getting walls repaired, installing floors, paying for garage doors!

Garage sale sorting in the living room (with new floor!)

Future wardrobe room

After almost a month of occupying the house we’re finally starting to unpack all our non-essentials… which leaves us with dozens of boxes of stuff we don’t know what to do with. Who would have ever thought that once you put all your “precious personal items” in storage for 2 months that you’d grow to not need them anymore.

Regardless, we’re struggling to get rid of a lot for a garage sale in the next couple weeks, stay tuned.

Christina's Scion can indeed fit a "load o' Ikea"

To further our unpacking/organizing/tchotchke-sacrificing, we rallied an Ikea run to purchase a Stolmen system, recycling bins, a rug for the guest room (totally necessary), and misc others. The Stolmen(s) should make our new open-concept wardrobe room conversion work. If not, we can always hack the hell out of it and turn it into a standing desk.

More updates to come as we get time and finish up.


Until then, check out some yummies from the taqueria across the street.

dos Al Pastor y tres Carne Asada con Guacamole

15th Aug 2011
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