What I want for my Birthday

The fall of North Korea.

A boy can dream, can’t he.

iPOD Nano + LunaTik watch band

(even though it’s like 4week backordered)
Considering a watch costs between $150-200, this is a rad setup for the same price.
iPOD Nano ->
LunaTik ->

“What’s the PORPOISE?” T-shirt

Ok, so this doesn’t actually exist, but please make it for me.

Ninkasi “Four Pack”

Includes 4 22oz Ninkasi beers. Yumm.

Waiter’s Knife

Something nice like a Laguiole. Trust me, I need one. (The second one is cheap but handsome)
Here’s one ->
Another one ->

One pound of Courier Coffee

Stuff is good.

5) Blackbird, Fly 35mm Twin-Lens Reflex Camera (Blue)

I love plastic cameras, even if they fall apart.

“Y: The Last Man” Vol 5-10

Never finished these.

Stoltz Vineyards PINK

Some people say “men don’t drink pink.” Those people are morons. This is a great blend of 3 good grapes.

24th Jan 2011

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