Painting the Living and Dining Rooms!

Christina and I have been planning some painting for the house for months now…. well since we moved in. Among the 40 other renovations and improvements, paint was high on the list as there are currently outlines of where art hang for the past 30 years, wallpapers from the 20s falling off, and generally disgusting colors everywhere.

After some sample and discussions (arguments) and playing with every color palette app there is for the iPhone, we ended up working with the Historic Colors collection from Miller Paint.

Starting this weekend, we prepped everything and got the walls in the dining room and living room rocking. For those two rooms we chose “Phelps Putty”, a light grey with tan tones that seems to highlight all over the spectrum in different lighting conditions – sometimes slightly blue, somethings more “sandy”.  (Yea, I’m a color-blind nerd who loves colors). Next we will move onto “Jewitt White” for the trim and ceiling, a light cream with a bit of warmth to it.

Below are some photos of the our progress. We’ll post some up when it’s really looking great!

Finished wall color looks rad!

The fireplace repaint.

Primed all of the dining room.


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I take my job very seriously.

Especially when the fate of the universe is at hand.


It's a trap!

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“Eddy Merckx” Award Winner!

This last friday at the Holiday party for my work, ShopIgniter, I received a precious award for my efforts of the past year.

I was deemed the “bikey-est” and handed the “‘EDDY MERCKX’ AWARD 2011″.  Though, they said, the choice was difficult among the many bike-enthusiasts at our office, I lead the peloton due to my uncanny ability to attend morning meetings and work in full spandex.


Example of my commitment to

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I’m stronger than steel…no, really.

Months ago I stood in amazement at Surly’s new Bill Trailer. To me, this trailer was the answer for Trees By Bike‘s ever growing demand for larger trees. At a weight limit of 300lbs, a 5′ length, and equipped with a super tough hitch, I was ready to buy.

Fast forward to this week: Trees By Bike is in full effect. We have an intense weekend of moving over 150 trees, all weighing ridiculous amounts, and starting our initial deliveries. I bike a heavy load of three large trees on Sunday night….and then discover the worst this morning…

Though I have survived the weekend, the stainless steel hitch bearings have not. At some point, probably in the height of my exhaustion, the cartridge cracked – spilling out the ball-bearings.

I’m working on replacing it as fast as possible, but now I’m just afraid…


I guess we’ll add stainless steel bearings to the long list of bike parts I break – including: thomson seat posts, surly AND salsa seat clamps, wheels under 32 spokes, and the list goes on.


This used to be one piece.

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Old kicks, new kicks.

My rare, very dead, perforated gray leather Onitsukas. RIP.


Gilbert Crockett Chukka Vans in Rust. Time to hit the board more often.

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I love my job.

Here at ShopIgniter we work our asses off. But we balance that hard work with complete ridiculousness and partying.

Welcome to Halloween at 9am.

Occupy ShopIgniter (Our CIO's new office)

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Ha Ha Ha.

Hillsboro Cyclocross!

What a race!

Christina and I both had a blast racing on this course and hanging with our bike buds. I just absolutely destroyed my legs trying to speed through this course, while Christina destroyed her seatpost (literally) and suffered through the last lap.

I was expecting one of my favorite cross courses and that’s exactly what I got.

Checkout a full write-up and photo album at if you’re into that kind of thing.

Here’s some highlights for us!

Christina powering around!

Christina after the bike fail. Notice the "BMX" seat setup?

Broken bike, no beuno :(

Me trying to shake some dudes!

Sand mountain was tough.

When life give you lemons, add on a shower!

I love our house. That said, sometimes I hate our house. One small but terrible thing was that there was only a bathtub in the upstairs bathroom. A plastered-in-place old ass clawfoot bathtub with a faucet just as old and stupid.

Underside of the clawfoot with orignal pipes

Don’t get me wrong, I bathe sometimes after a race or just when I’m feeling “soaky”. But walking across the whole damn house just to get a shower was beginning to wear on my nerves.

Christina snapped some photos of our tub and we high-tailed over to Hippo Hardware – our local “era” hardware store with a staff that is 2 parts awesomely knowledgable and 1 parts nutjob.

Tyler, at Hippo Hardware, walked us through hooking up a shower add-on, then gave us a 3 hour lecture on why we should love clawfoot tubs. We drank the kool-aid, or I guess “soaked in the clawfoot koolaid”.

He then lectured me on why I needed a pre-1975 handyman DIY book as books before 1975 actually told you how to do repairs rather than the “crap on the internet”. Soon we were off with all the needed parts to turn our soaking tub into a tub AND shower!

Install went smoothly after searching through the many mysterious spigots in our basement. I believe it was the 4th spigot that turned off the water (I still don’t know what the other 3 do).
Thanks to Tyler at Hippo & my brother Gus for lending an arm skinnier than mine.

I can now proudly shower upstairs and save the undie parade every morning…and I really like this whole clawfoot tub thing too!

Me switching out the old faucet

Shiny new faucet with diverter for the shower peice

Shower ring and shower pipe

All done and attached! Ready to shower!

Rambo’s first bike ride

John Rambo has been acclimating great to the Kirchoff-Collada household. He’s been playing with Godzilla a ton and learning some new ways to earn treats and become a fine gentleman around the house.

As with the other things, Rambo instantly took to the bike.

Cheers to you John Rambo, you’re an excellent riding mate!

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I love this photo.

It represents months of both of us hard at work trying to make ourselves and each other better. Of all the things I am, I am most proud of what I am to Christina. Nothing brings me more happiness, not even bicycles.

Big thanks to Jose for catching us in a nice moment at a ‘cross race, and somehow getting a grown man to tear up over a stinking photo.